Vendor Compliance

• Prior evaluation of factory to assure full compliance. It is important to point out that most of our factories have been evaluated and approved by all or some of the following customers: Armani, Lilly Pulitzer, Coach, Theory, Gap, Polo Ralph Lauren, Walmart, JCP and A&F among others.
• Certification of factory.
• Financial evaluation of factory.
• Technical evaluation of production and safety rules.
• Payroll review and compliance.
• Evaluation and certification of domestic trim supplier and subcontractors (printers, embroideries, laundries, etc)

Customer service and Costs

• Receipt of technical specifications (Tech packs)
• Distribution to factories in agreement of their strengths and competitiveness.
• Price negotiations
• Costs in both FOB and DDP basis depending on each customer requirement
• Confirmation of production delivery

Design and Product development

• Fabric development area to provide our clients with latest and most innovative ideas for their consideration
• Garment development and technical evaluation
• Development and follow up of new fabrics
• Development and approval of lab dips
• Development and approval of embellishments, washes and finishes.
• Development and follow up of trims
• Prototype evaluation.
• Salesman samples (SRS) advanced report and shipment as well as quality control report

Production and Quality assurance

• Reception of production orders according to sales and POs
• Production report with reliable information provided by our auditors located in corresponding factory done on a weekly basis (WIP report)
• Monitor color shades in production
• Evaluation of color samples and garment construction throughout production
• Guarantee certified auditors (trained by Liz Claiborne and Tommy Hilfiger)
• Follow up or Purchase orders
• Interim audits during production process
• Final audits and audit reports
• Emission of Inspection certificate.
• Consolidation of purchase order
• Load reports and notification of load shipment to DC