Lead time for costing, proto, lab dips and knit down all depending on complexity:

• Price quotes in 2 – 4 working days
• Protos in available fabric in 7 – 10 days
• Protos in correct fabric in 2 weeks
• Lab dips in 10-15 days after receiving standard
• Re-labs in 1 week after receiving comments
• Sale samples in 40 days for basic styles and solids, 50-60 days on special fabrics and styles
• Knit down in 2-3 weeks after receiving specs
• Y/D feed stripe in 2-3 weeks after receiving layout and colors
• Y/D engineered stripe in 3-4 weeks after receiving layout and colors

Lead time for production depending on complexity and fabric composition:

• Booking must be placed with enough time to ex fcty in order to guarantee production capacity.
• Production lead time for solids, 60-90 days
• Production lead time for allover prints, special fabrics (viscose, tencel, etc) and yarn dyes 90-135 days
• Chase orders lead time, 60-90 days

Minimum production run

• 600 to 1,200 pcs per color depending on the fabric.
• 1200 per fabric both solids and yarn dye
• 600 pcs per style depending on the complexity.